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Hi there, my name is Drew and I am the by-product of a lifelong love/ hate relationship with food, hospitality and service. I am also the Chef and founder of Munchies in New Haven, Connecticut. Please excuse the format here. I have always considered myself terrible at writing but would like to share the story of how Munchies came about. It still blows my mind that what started as a desperate attempt to make my own way, actually became reality. there is allot of tasty snacks in the story via late nights, early mornings, court, missing cats, a kind hearted soul, miserable assholes, a fire, 16 hour days, tears, doubt, fear, god, shitty credit, friends, sheer determination and refusal to fail. 2019 was one of the hardest years ive ever had to endure, yet, it is also the same year that birthed Munchies. Easily one of the best things that has ever happened to me, sometimes it's just like that. The dichotomy always cracks me up. anyways, okay, here we go.....

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